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Services we provide are

Debt Collection

We offer our collection services for Retail cards, Commercial Secured and Un-secured Loans.

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Recovery Services

Banks products such as: Personal Loans, Credit Cards, Auto Loans Commercial Retail, Home Loans, overdrafts and Commercial loans. Consumer finance deals. Commercial claims for companies. Overseas debt recoveries.

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Telecommunications (Active /De-Active)

We Use phone calls to contact delinquent borrowers and convince them to repay what they owe. When we can’t reach the debtor with the contact information provided by the client, we look further, using computer software and private investigators.

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International Skip Recoveries

We expand our collection services to out of UAE special & immediate overseas action will be taken through our external branches out of UAE.

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Our Sectors

In CMS we offer multiple services which can manage our partners business using the approach of end to end.

Telecom Sector

• Active Campaigns
• OGB & Toss Campaigns
• Recoveries Campaigns
• DSO Campaigns

Bank Sector

• Personal Finance & Credit Cards
• Auto Loans
• Mortgage Loans
• SME Finance

Finance Companies

• Personal Finance & Credit Cards
• LPO’s – Credit Control
• Outstanding Bills
• Bill Management Services

International Skip Recoveries

Skip Tracing out of UAE through our external branches:

Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, KSA, Philippines, Europe and China

Car Tracing

A fully dedicated team are assigned on tracing cars. Daily searching in open spaces, Airports and Municipality Yard areas Reporting Team Collating the Data and share it with our clients

Legal Service

We have a group of experienced criminal lawyers in Dubai and is well equipped to assist with all types of criminal matters in the country. From an initial inquiry to a complex criminal matter, every case is treated with the same degree of care and attention & provides the utmost care in ensuring all clients are advised in a fair and lawful manner

Commercial & Real state Companies

• We have expertise in all stages of the process. And we ensure that the eventual solution is as suitable as possible for all of the parties involved in the process.
• Our team brings the professionalism and experience required to the job. We understand the legal complexities that are often involved, and throughout the process we incorporate our understanding of everyone's situation, and a high level of personal contact.